Construction lifts make construction jobs safer, faster, and easier. From maintenance work and developing multi-level structures to warehouses and factories, construction lifts have the ability to move workers and equipment with minimal effort. Make sure that your site is using the right construction lift for the right job.

Bucket Trucks

Also frequently known as cherry pickers, bucket trucks are made up of a long boom with a bucket at the end for a worker to stand in. Cherry pickers are commonly seen lifting city workers to trim trees or being used by utility workers to reach wires which are high above the ground. These boom lifts are versatile since they can travel on most roads at normal traffic speed, meaning they have a wider radius in which they can work making them ideal for utility companies.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Also frequently referred to as knuckle lifts, articulated boom lifts are made up of a work platform which has been mounted on an arm that can pivot in order to reach around structures in its way. It can be lifted in a full circle due to its base being mounted on a turntable. Articulated boom lifts are frequently found repairing exterior electrical work, piping, and areas of buildings which are difficult to reach and need maintenance or cleaning.

Telescoping Boom Lifts

As the name insinuates, the telescoping boom lift is mounted on a straight, extendable (telescoping) arm which sits on a turntable that rotates. Frequently it is used in jobs which require the workers to reach areas higher than other boom lifts have the ability to extend to. The bucket of a telescoping boom lift only holds one worker at a time and for this reason it is typically reserved for specialized work such as electrical repair rather than generalized work such as cleaning a building.

Towable Boom Lifts

A towable boom lift is great because it is easy to transport, hence the name. Due to their transportable nature, they make moving from one job as simple as packing up and towing the boom lift. Once on the job site and the position of where the boom lift needs to be is determined you are ready to go. From inspecting or repairing a roof to putting up holiday decorations, towable boom lifts are perfect for homeowners and use in commercial applications alike due to their mobility and versatility.