How NOT to Operate a 50 foot Manlift


Took the camera along for a ride in the manlift. Unfortunately I was not paying attention and I collided with the cabin. I struck the window frame and trim. VERY close to the double pane glass window on the second floor.

The noise in the video is my generator, sorry. You can make out the collision if you listen closely. When I notice what I had done, you can hear me say, “oops”. (If I had actually struck the window glass, I would have said something else:)

What doesn’t show well in the video is the amount of sway that even small movements produce when the boom is fully extended. It is unnerving at best.


Top 10 Forklift Accidents


Be careful out there.


Boss Flips a 60ft Boom Lift


I am a painter and on the job one day my boss attempted to take the 60 foot boom lift around a retention pond on the back of a motel to paint the windows on the back. I whipped out my camera phone (sorry folks only 1.5 mps) and shot this. The victim suffers a crushed right side but makes a full recovery.


Steve’s Drunk and High DUI at Work (Arrested on Scissor Lift)


Steve did have a job… until this day. Just because something can drive down the street, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to. My buddy Steve doesn’t know the difference. Steve knows his rights. (warning language)


Kill Bob


Bob gets thrashed on a Telehandler